Manatek Pomeranians & Russian Toy

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

We welcome the Russian Toy to Manatek 

I give my very grateful thanks to Inna Larionova of Grande Misterio Russian Toys for allowing GM Trufolium Esmeralda (Cookie) and GM Ula La (Lula) to join us in the UK. MThe Russian Toy Breed Club UK has successfully submitted an application to the Kennel Club for recognition and inclusion onto the Imported Breed Register as of 1st July - We were also invited to participate at Crufts 2017 to promote and introduce the Russian Toy. Two new Russian Toys have now joined us LASKOVAYA RUS' POTEMKIN from Yulia Semina and GM BEATRIX MY SOUL from Inna. Pictures and info can be found further down on this page.  

Fantastic news from the Kennel Club the Interim Breed Standard for the Russian Toy will be published on the 1st April, 2018 - this means from that date we can exhibit at Kennel Club licenced shows.

On 2nd January, 2018 we welcomed the first litter of Russian Toys born at Manatek - two beautiful black and tan smooth boys - the first pedigree KC registered smooths born in the UK.


Temo is our fabulous Black and Tan boy who arrived from Russian in July

We look forward to taking Temo into the show ring as well as being our future Stud dog.


Trixie our beautiful new Brown and Tan girl arrived from Latvia in July - she is a daughter of GM New Wave 

Trixie joins our other girls Lula and Cookie setting a firm foundation for the Russian Toy in our kennel for both breeding and showing.